Thun's uncle


Chald was born the son of a baker. He had a sister, Ignia, and a brother, Boros. Chald was the only child taking to baking as his father did, so it wasn’t long after his father had passed that Chald took over the bakery.

Chald did not hide his feelings about the magocracy. He did not like how only people with great power could rule the land, and he knew that there was a better way for a land to be lead. He knew that he himself could not do anything about the magicracy though, so his opinions stayed opinions.

When disaster struck and Ignia died, she gave birth to her son, Thun. This destined Thun to be a necromancer. Chald took care of Thun, making sure to raise him well. Chald did know, however, that Thun was a necromancer, and did his best to raise Thun into a good man. Chald searched and found a lot of books on the subject of necromancy, with the excuse of “academic curiosity”, and soon had enough material to act as a sort of mentor for Thun.

After his death, Chald was still keen on his role as a mentor. Chald tried to give counsel as much as he could to Thun and wanted to make sure that Thun grew into power so that Thun could end the reign of the magocracy.



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