Ancestor of Thun, adventurer


Dalina had always been told that when she grew up, she would be married off to one mage or another. Her generation had grown up when he magocracy had taken control over the lands and every family that had a suitable daughter wanted them to marry any powerful man they could get their hands on. Dalina had, when she saw how rude her betrothed had been to his servants, calmly refused the marriage. She had run away that night, only grabbing her bow and quiver. The adventurer’s life had suited her well, and she had been one of the few in the Timorium family to actually battle the magocracy. Sobb had, when he had been born a generation after Dalina, been inspired by her deeds. After resurrection, the two of them had quickly befriended and Sobb was secretly excited that he was going on adventures with his hero. Dalina did not mind that Sobb took the lead, though – she preferred another took the role of the leader so that she could focus on firing arrows.




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