Irthon was born in a little village called “Scabble”. He was an only son to a miller and a midwife. Irthon did not have a troubling childhood. His family fared pretty well, and his father took over the mill after Irthon’s granddad passed away.

The choice of joining a passing bandit gang surprised both Irthon’s parents and Irthon himself. If Irthon was to contemplate this choice of lifestyle he would have blamed a very good and boring upbringing. He wanted excitement and adventure, and robbing evil lords seemed like just the thing. Sadly, the robbing and murdering of a young traveler dropped the veil from Irthon’s eyes and he realized just what sort of mistake he had done.

After a few months of banditry, Irthon still saw no way out. The bandits knew where he lived and if he ever left them, they said, they would torture and kill his loved ones. He knew that he had to kill every bandit in the gang if he was to escape, something he had no chance of surviving. Luckily, that’s when Igarius’s undeads attacked.

During the attacked, Irthon escaped into a nearby cave. What he didn’t know, though, was that this cave led into the ruins of an old temple, a temple devoted to the Goddess of Light.

It was here that <humdidum> had died.

Irthon dressed in <humdidum>’s armor, not knowing that it was possessed. Soon, <humdidum> made her presence clear, and did not let Irthon out of her armor.
The undead that did Igarius had sent into the cave to finish off Irthon was quickly slain by <humdidum>. The both of them then agreed that together they could travel out of the cave and find the necromancer who was plaguing the land.



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