Ancestor of Thun, adventurer


Sobb was a man of simple tastes – he enjoyed drinking, adventuring, women, drinking, heroism and sometimes, but not always, drinking. During his time as alive he was not unknown, per say, but he wasn’t the most famous adventurer. Still, he did lead a party of adventurers that tried their best to rid the world of evil and make sure that the alcohol in the nearest tavern did not overflow.

He had been an adventurer, a profession who took it upon themselves to do the deeds other people did not want or dare to do. He had been sent to fetch books, rescue men, women and children and he had even been asked to kill a certain number of wolves from time to time. It paid well, though, and he was welcome at any inn, so he had stuck to it. The life of an adventurer had always been dangerous, and even though Sobb had nearly escaped death a dozen of times, he was slain in battle from an ambush of ogres. He had taken down his fair share, of course, but sometimes, numbers triumphs over skill.

After his death at the hands of ogres, he left behind a wife and two sons.

Sobb was later on resurrected as a skeleton, his flesh having long since been rotten away.
He was still an eager adventurer and took every opportunity he had to rid the world of evil. As a reanimated skeleton.


Sobb also has a lot of problem accepting that his now very bony looks could be fear-inducing to the living, and has as such no boundaries when it comes to dealing with the living.



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